Crawley Baths
The Crawley Baths are a significant part of the history of the Mounts Bay area. In 2008 the City of Perth commissioned Newforms Landscape Architecture to design a civic node that would act as a place of education relating to the sites historic background. Throughout the process of design and documentation, Newforms closely liaised with sub-consultants and the City of Perth.

The intent of the Crawley Baths Landscape Project is to provide a space for rest and contemplation while facilitating the interpretation of the historical significance of the former Baths site. The focal point of the area is the recently installed commemorative sculpture of the bather “Eliza”, with the footprint of the former baths being marked by the remnant original wooden pylons of the structure. The node consists of seating of off-form concrete monoliths and recycled jarrah sleepers which echo the history of the timber pylons and jetty's of the baths. Images of the baths are stencilled into the concrete forms.

The project encompasses an interpretative area, where the relevance of the Baths from both a social and aesthetic perspective was translated through interpretative signage, a small seating area on the foreshore and lighting to ‘Eliza’, the sculpture.

Interpretive signage was designed to be located within the area to facilitate the translation of the historical significance of the former Baths site. The signage is contemporary in style with a high aesthetic finish, durable and low maintenance. It was important the signage did not compromise circulation or pedestrian safety, nor it compromise views to the river and/or sculpture.

A seating area was created where visitors can rest and reflect on the former baths site and the “Eliza” sculpture. The space provides respite from the busy adjacent Mounts Bay Road while complementing the existing aesthetic of the foreshore area. The design of the seating was informed by the style and materials of the former Baths and the space links with the adjacent dual use path.

The City of Perth commissioned Phase3 Landscape Construction to construct this detailed civic node that would act as a place of education relating to the sites historic background.

Key Outcomes

  • Interpretative area of the former Crawley Baths site
  • Seating element to provide respite from Mounts Bay Road
  • Durable lighting that can withstand the elements to illuminate the ‘Eliza’ sculpture

Project Details

Site Address
Crawley, Western Australia

City of Perth


Project Duration

Landscape Project Director
Matthew Huxtable
Project Team
Matthew Gee
Landscape Construction
Phase3 Landscape Construction Pty Ltd

Amanda Mannolini, Senior Urban Designer
City of Perth
Phone: +61 8 9461 3166

David J. Adams


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