• AILA

    AILA is a non-profit professional institute formed to serve the mutual interests of its members throughout Australia.

    The National Office located in Canberra is responsible for coordinating the delivery of membership services, implementation of National Council decisions and collaboration with the State Groups that serve AILA members at a local level.

    Service include advocacy, education, continuing professional development, communications, environment and community liaison, which are delivered through Landscape Australia, the AILA national and state websites, Landmark, national conferences, national and State Awards and regular communication.

    AILA has established the Landscape Professions Registration Board of Australia to provide an independent accreditation organisation aimed at maintaining the highest professional standards possible.

    AILA advocates the interests of its members through membership of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) and the Australian Council of Building Design Professionals (BDP), which is an umbrella organisation representing architects, engineers, planners, quantity surveyors and landscape architects.

    The Role and Purpose of AILA
    To advance the practice of Landscape Architecture in Australia by:Encouraging the profession to achieve excellence in the design creation and management of the natural and built environments; Informing the community and allied professions of the contribution and skills of the landscape architecture profession; Advocating the professional interests of members to policy and decision makers in both the public and private sectors; Providing members with a range of forums for the exchange of ideas, information and opinions professional peer review and support.

    Professionalism - The Institute seeks to achieve the highest level of professionalism in all its activities.
    Integrity - The Institute applies complete integrity and objectivity in relation to the membership and the broader community.
    Members focus - The Institute is committed to continuing assessment and improvement of the services provided.
    Accountability - The Institute is fully accountable to members in all its undertakings.



    The Landscape Industries Association of Western Australia Inc. was formed in 1987 and is an independent non-profit organization bringing together landscape professionals in Western Australia. Landscaping involves the analysis, planning, design, creation and maintenance of exterior spaces.

    The Association has earned the respect of the construction industry, government bodies at all levels and other associated professionals. The Association aims to provide people with a means to select the right person or business for the design and implementation of their landscape.

    Landscape Industries Association of WA can provide you with the right professional for the job. All members are experienced and follow a strict quality standard and Code of Ethics. Dealing with a Landscape Industries Association of WA professional you will have the comfort of knowing that from start to finish you will be getting a quality job.



    The Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Western Australia (SPASA WA) is a self-regulated body, in which members have to abide by its rules, regulations and a strict code of ethics, in the conduct of their businesses.

    SPASA members provide the safeguard of a Completion Guarantee for all domestic pools.

    All SPASA pool builders must use SPASAapproved contracts.

    SPASA members are regularly advised of the latest technology and trade information from within Australia and overseas.

    SPASA members must comply with the Australian Standards and meet all legal requirements.

    SPASA WA provides a permanently staffed office, with employees that are competent to advise, and appropriately refer or assist consumers with their enquiries.

    SPASA members have access to technical training and educational programmes designed to ensure their construction and maintenance staff perform with technical excellence.

    Prior to acceptance as a member of SPASA WA, all applicants are assessed by the association as to their competence, experience and professionalism.

    Prospective members must provide evidence of successful and competent trading over a substantial period together with an acceptable credit rating. They must also supply evidence of adequate public liability insurance to ensure protection for consumers.



    The Australian Urban Design Research Centre (AUDRC) is devoted to excellence in teaching and researching the big issues facing cities in the 21st century. AUDRC is affiliated with the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts at the UWA. The Centre's key partners are the WA Dept of Planning & UWA.